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I completed this work for the “casa occupata Elicriso” in Via Vigevano in Milan in 2010 during the “Fuori salone” art festival.

The man with a TV instead of a head is one of the “TV Head” characters.

The work “allegria” in Italian means cheerfulness. This word on the screen is an exclamation – it’s a slogan a famous Italian host used to say at the end of his shows!

Whenever I used to hear him say this I wondered what there could be that was “cheerful” in a television, but mainly in a commercial show like his in which the goal was to ease fantasy and generate ignorance.

The paradox of this piece is a man deformed by quiz shows and TV that decides he can’t take this slavery anymore and hangs himself, even though the word “allegria” is impressed in his mind and this becomes the soundtrack for the end of his life just like at the end of those TV shows.

(2010, 4m x 1m – acrylic paint on walls – Milan – Casa Occupata “Elicriso”)

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