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January 13th, 2011 Permalink

R-umori is the title I gave to my first piece of work made entirely out of recycled paper. The expression “R-umori” is a fun play on words that encloses two different meanings: the first one is sensory, Il rumore, which means noise in Italian; the second one is emotional, l’umore, which means mood. Both of them can have a mutual relationship because one can generate or modify the other.

The three characters illustrated were “colored” entirely by the texture of recycled paper from old phone books from Milan.
The myriad of names, of people, from the lists made up the color of my drawings and in some way were a vast palette of noises and different moods.
The color composition of the characters was full of the same people that lived in the city in which this piece of work was on display. These three characters represent three different emotional situations and the solution stands in the red element present in each of them.
The key represents the hope to see and to free your sight from the distressing habit of “spying through key holes”.
The balloon full of helium allows us to stand up and bear the weight of our head full of thoughts with a little less difficulty.
Finally, the tongue is the means with which we can fight the silence of a mouth sown shut, which allows us to communicate, scream and shout.

(2011, 4m x 15m, collage made with recycled paper and acrylic paint, Milan, Circolo arci Bitte)

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