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This character represents our Earth’s despair!

It’s an unstoppable cry, one tear after the other, fills an ocean that will bury us all one day!

The man polluting cut off this forearms and replaced them with smoking chimneys and two faucets for eyes. This poor creature can’t close the faucets so he will eventually drown in his tears.

(2013, 50cm x 35cm – collage with recycled paper and ink on cardboard)


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A little boy that is not able to play with his toys anymore swallows them up trying to absorb the last memories of a life that doesn’t belong to him anymore.

(2012, 120cm x 81cm – acrylic paint on canvas)

Bon appetite!

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A little girl breaks her “screen” face trying to eat a plate of spaghetti because the television transformed her face into a sheet of glass without a mouth. (The blood creeping through the broken plate flavors the plate).

(2010, 100cm x 70cm – acrylic paint on canvas)


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