We’re hypnotized by its bright lights and images, so we launch our thoughts and exchange them for this plastic box that has always caught our attention and magically makes us feel happier.
Our head and our thoughts will eventually become more and more square until they transform into that bright window that gave us so much joy we imagined ourselves feeling less alworld. We’ll arrive at the point where instead of a head we’ll have an empty plastic television that will defeat our emotions, forbid us to live our normal life, and will slowly shut us down like a disease.
The screen will flatour tears and smiles, filling our mouth with endless silences. We’ll be forced to wander in an empty limbo without colors and without smells, without thoughts and without dreams, without hot and without cold, without everything that makes us human.
Our thoughts will be like fog and leave us confused in a world in which the only emotion will be regret, we’ll regret not having ran, even for a short while, to see the color of the wind.

In my work the “people” are represented during daily activities like cooking, washing, picking flowers or hugging…
All of these acts are made ridiculous by the senseless acts of these new creatures that act upon the vague ’t even remember anymore) memory of their previous life.
Every , lacking humanity, makes the life of these individuals paradoxical.

Tv Cage

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A man lifting the skin from his upper body from which some arms are desperately trying to escape from his rib cage locked shut by a golden lock.

(2013, 100cm x 120cm – acrylic paint on canvas)


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A little boy that is not able to play with his toys anymore swallows them up trying to absorb the last memories of a life that doesn’t belong to him anymore.

(2012, 120cm x 81cm – acrylic paint on canvas)

Bon appetite!

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A little girl breaks her “screen” face trying to eat a plate of spaghetti because the television transformed her face into a sheet of glass without a mouth. (The blood creeping through the broken plate flavors the plate).

(2010, 100cm x 70cm – acrylic paint on canvas)


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Realizzato per raiTunes, di Alessio Bertallot.


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A little girl picking a flower wondering what it is.
(2010, 142cm x 99cm – acrylic paint on canvas)


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Father and daughter deformed by their television “affection” can’t manage to hug each other anymore because the wires from their “television” heads, that keep them alive, keep them too far away from each other.

(2009, 25,5cm x 53cm- ink on paper)


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